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Genie sees painting as phenomena of surface. Her paintings are story charts that map planar landscapes where space and time are the inescapable components to the process of ‘making’.

She regards the square format as a neutral space to work from, a reaffirmation of esoteric creative symbolism. She begins with the concept of a ‘structure’ within the determined surface of the canvas and with meditated and focused awareness traces her inner story through line and colour. For Genie surfaces are ‘excited’ states of perception, where painting transforms the field into what she calls ‘event fields’. She affirms her intention between the layers of pigment negotiating the areas of resistance as opportunities to reinforce her initial intention. As part of the process, she rotates the canvas clock wise or anti-clockwise, an ancient Wicca tradition.

One can 'feel out' and explore what is unknown, rather than go on, as has generally been one's habit leading to modifications, extensions, or other developments within the framework of what has already been known, either in one's own field or in some other field. Thus one's work can begin to be really creative, not only in the sense it will contain genuinely original features, but also in that these will cohere with what is being continued from the past to form one harmonious, living, evolving totality.


David Bohm 'On Creativity'