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Genie graduated from the Academie Julian in Paris in 1959 and later moved permanently from France to the UK. She now works from her studio in north London. The visual arts are a fundamental aspect of her life. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, the Americas and India resaerching and studying painting, sculpture, dance, music and textiles. Her work has been exhibited in the UK and is represented in museums abroad and in private collections. She has collaborated with poets and composers on conceptual installations.

India is a major catalyst from which to deepen experience, through its philosophy, wisdom, and colour full beauty. She resonates deeply with Ramana Mahirshi, with meditation and the practice of Advaita. Goa is now Genie’s second home. Alchemy, also referred to as the “Great Art”, has also been a great influence on her practice, as has cosmology and the implications of recent scientific research around the concepts of Energy Fields and Perception. ‘Matter’ as in texture is part of the fabric of her visual expression. She recognizes the vibrational potentials inherent in the fabric of colour and mixes her own pigments. When working with paper or on canvas, she is exploring possibilities as an exciting process of discovery.

The 12 small canvases produced for the Kala exhibition in 2010 explored the fundamental symbolic element of the cross, arresting it from its religious symbolism and focusing on the geometry of the eternal vertical and horizontal line meeting through a point. Pastels were laid over canvas, integrating, despite its volatile quality, an uncompromising geometrical core to Form-Shape her paintings.

Her most recent work is three-dimensional. A complete departure into a tangible world of re-discovered or salvaged objects. These sculptures are loosely inspired by the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi and by the great American sculptor Louise Nevelson the sculptures are solidly grounded in objectivity but also playful in nature.

Genie is the founder of the Lotus Foundation, a charity initiated to explore experimentation in arts practice.


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