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Genie Poretzky-Lee

Genie works with a wide range of materials that reflect her interaction with the environment, curiosity with the essence of nature and interest in mysticism. Her paintings explore the relationship of materials and surfaces with grid and flow. Overlapping layers of soft pastels are painstakingly built up into tightly structured compositions that reflect Genie’s training in textiles. Her sense of pattern and repetition extend from the soft strength of woven fabric, in which regularity is a natural outcome. Her intent towards harmonious proportions is a negotiation in balance between the component elements of form and colour, on a deeper level a negotiation between the nonexistent and the existent.

Genie’s art seeks to move beyond representation of human likeness or landscape where the process of ‘making’ is as important as the finished work. This offers up opportunities to extend the viewer’s awareness of process, time, and space; her work becomes a shared or mutual experience, in which the quietude of reflection and silence pervades.